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LGBTQ Tucson / Tempe? [Jun. 20th, 2008|07:15 pm]


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Hello everyone,

I am a rising undergrad senior who is looking into applying for Ph.D programs in the fall. I want to do Women's Studies / Gender Studies with the goal of becoming a college professor, and I've realized through my research that the University of Arizona as well as Arizona State both have some of the best programs in the country.

What I want to know is, with Arizona being a red state overall and all that, how liberal is Tucson and/or Tempe, depending on which area[s] you're familiar with, and more specifically / to the point, how is the LGBTQ community? Is the surrounding area very homophobic / hostile? I know that society at large is, but as a Californian who attends college in western Massachusetts and who also is a lesbian with a fiancee who is a huge part of my life [obviously], I really want to know what I'm getting myself into before I move to Arizona with her. Any input you could give me, even if it's anecdotal, would be *greatly* appreciated. I'm also going to post this to a few other communities [The University of Arizona community, an ASU one, a Tucson one, a Phoenix one, etc.].

Thanks so much in advance for your time!

[User Picture]From: sandiegogirl
2008-06-21 10:04 am (UTC)
I've lived here a year, as a queer femme from san diego, I regret every. single. minute. since buying a house, here.

I live on the border of tempe in south scottsdale.

*if* you plan on being here for a limited amount of time you probably can make the best of it, I am just not willing to battle archaic gender/homo ideology on a daily basis.

i shall be moving on once i wrap my head around this daunting task.

on a side note, i hear that tucson is... the blue dot in this red state. (like a bit of austin in the whole of tx)
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From: hyperpurple
2008-08-20 01:23 am (UTC)
So this archaic gender/homo ideology something that you are finding within the queer scene? IS there a queer scene? how bout a gender-queer scene?

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[User Picture]From: notsoclever
2008-06-21 07:12 pm (UTC)
I've lived here since I was 15. (I'll be 39 in September.)
I am openly gay, have a pretty good social life, and have had precisely zero problems. It's not exactly the political climate I desire, nor does the community at large reach the visibility we have in, say, San Diego (a city of about the same size with approximately the same number of gay people.) It is closeted, by and large, but I can't imagine what you'd think would happen? There aren't gay bashers on every corner. I've walked down the street holding my boyfriend's hand at night. It's just a place. Make of it what you will. Be the change you wish to see in the world, for christ's sake.

Or just move here, do your thing, and move away. It's sure as hell a lot easier than trying to do anything constructive.
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[User Picture]From: notsoclever
2008-06-21 07:18 pm (UTC)
PS I'll be happy to show you around/have dinner with you/help you look for a place/loan you my car/whatever if you decide to come check it out for yourself. Just send me a message through my blog :-)
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